About me

My history

Dear visitor, welcome to you,

My name is Julien. My nickname FoxDirector is the fusion of my last name and my note of intent as a photographer.

Influenced by cinema movies, TV series and video games, my creative approach is based on a lot of details. I like to take the time to analyze the set and its perspectives, to direct the models with whom I collaborate in order to bring out emotions and illustrate a story and to play with colours and lights like a director.

I have been practicing photography since a very long time. My first steps go back to the disposable cameras I used to immortalize my daily life. It was by discovering geek conventions and cosplay a few years ago that photography went from a hobby to a real passion. Gradually, I developed my working methods and my skills in photography and editing.

The cosplay universe has allowed me to build myself as a photographer and as a person, but I have occasionally moved out of this comfort zone to try more classical genres like portrait or family wedding. These breakthroughs have been a rich experience and I would like to be able to continue in this direction in the future.

Photo : Shooting of Chouchou Geek Art as Female Monk from Diablo 3 ~ february 2017

My approach

At the moment, I mainly take picture in convention and I regularly make photo collaborations in various and varied places.

Whether it is the models who contact me or myself, the shootings are prepared in advance. In cosplay photography, I do some research about the character, his story, his character. I choose one or more places adapted to his universe. There is a constant exchange between the model and myself.

On the day of the shooting, I will be there to guide you. I take care that the photo session takes place in the best possible conditions. We have to be serious, of course, but a good understanding and a good atmosphere are the keys to a successful shooting. The important thing is to take the best possible pictures and not to rush into anything.

Once the shooting is over, we discuss the selection of photos that will eventually be published.

Photo : Backstage during the Japan Tours Festival 2018 ~ by B. Treuillez Photographie

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