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Closing the Flickr and updating the website

Closing of my Flickr profile on 6 January 2019

Following their purchase a few months ago, Flickr decided to limit the free accounts of their service the January 8, 2019. As a result, I decided to close my account on the weekend of January 6th knowing that I published more than 4,000 photos which is beyond the limit imposed by Flickr’s new policy. So I no longer see any point in keeping my Flickr. Until closing time, I invite the people I took pictures of my debut at the Japan Tours Festival 2018 to pick up their pictures before January 5th otherwise you will have to contact me directly to get them.

Update of the website

Following this closure, I undertook to update my site which gradually incorporated the old albums on Flickr. They will join the Galleries section. I take this opportunity to update the graphic part and some functions that allow me to communicate with the people who collaborate with me.

Review of 2018

Review of 2018 6 January 2019 Review of 2018 2018 ended a few days ago and as usual, it is time to review this year. 7 shootings, 9 conventions and 6 animations including 3 with the Cos’Castle association. Overall, it was a mixed year. I was not productive compared to 2017 partly for professional reasons. Few shootings in the end and photos that take time to be published especially in the second half of the year when I didn’t release […]

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