How I work

Work processing

Preparation / Shooting / Retouch process

This page will explain my work process from the first contact to the publication of the photos.

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Most of the photo shoots I undertake are prepared in advance through regular exchanges.
With the help of numerous reference images and inspirations from different media, I build a list of photos to be taken on the day. Many ideas are added to this list so that I don't have to worry about running out of ideas just in case.

Shooting process

I attach great importance to creating a good atmosphere during shoots. It is important that the model feels comfortable. We carry out the shoot quietly without pressure. I attach more importance to quality than quantity.

Most of my shoots are governed by a photo session contract (combining image rights and commercial exploitation rights), the rules of which vary according to the location of the shoot.

Since 2021, a clause in my contracts guarantees the model to be able to recover the photos taken during the shootings if I am not able to return them within 6 months of the shooting.

The selection & retouch process

Once the shooting is over, we take the time to see the result of our collaboration.

The photos will then be sorted in several phases: a sorting phase, a selection phase and a retouching phase.

A few days after the photoshoot, I will give you access to your account on my website allowing you to access a page dedicated to the shooting where you will be able to see all of the selected photos.

From this pre-selection, you will have to select a certain number (between 5 and 15 in general, depending on the shoot). Just like me. Then, once our selections are made, I will work on finalizing the result by retouching them.

How do a selection

On the form corresponding to the shooting, you will find four tabs:

  • all the photos pre-selected
  • your selection
  • the photos not selected by you
  • the photographer's selection

To select (or deselect) a photo, you must place your mouse cursor on the photo and click on the heart.
Try to select between 5 and 15 photos. The aim is to choose what we consider to be the best photos.

Once the selection is complete, let me know (either by private message, email or by writing a comment at the bottom of the form).
Remember to write in comment the number of your 3/4 favorite photos (included in your selection), I will treat these photos in priority.

Group photos:
The group photos are shared between the files of each model. So if someone selects a group photo, the photo will automatically be selected on the other models' files.

How to have final photos

Once processed in post-production, the photos are added to a folder dedicated to the shooting on my Drive. A link is then sent by email, by MP on social networks and also available on the selection page of the shooting on my website so that the model can follow the progress of retouching and downloaded the photos.

Duration of storage

The photos of the shooting are kept in the following way (since 2023):

  • Rejected photos :
    • RAW : until the end of the processing of the selected photos
    • JPEG : 1 year or more (depend storage capacity)
  • Retened photos :
    • RAW : 1 year after end of retouch process
    • JPEG : no limit
  • Selected & Retouched photos :
    • RAW : no limit
    • PSD (work file) : 1 month after sending to the model.
    • PSD (archive file, merged layers) : no limit
    • JPEG (files send to models) : no limit
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